Chain Reaction is Now With ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode!

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Chain Reaction is Now With ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode!

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:51 am

Evergreen Chain Reaction game is now with ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode! Now You don't need to play the game on a single device,rather you can login in your device and play with a friends sitting miles away by inviting them through google sign in.
The game is also with AI , so now you can play against the computer if no friend is around.

We have given the game a retro look and tried to keep the look and feel as close to the one it is inspired from as possible.

We work round the clock to let users have an awesome experience of the game.
This forum is to discuss what you love and what you else do you want from the game.
Tell us here if you don't like anything in the game or report a bug.
We are 24x7 listening to you and will work immediately to resolve your issue.


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